Our Underpinnings

With change happening at an unprecedented rate predicting what the next generation needs to combat the challenges of tomorrow is a task which takes immense foresight, but we are certain that the traditional didactic education system is not and will not render the needed outcomes. We envision a paradigm change from a system of accumulation and regurgitation of knowledge to a system of education where one can achieve self actualisation through mastering the skills of the 21st century, incorporating emotional, vocational, spiritual and liberal education.

 Building 21st Century Citizens
We enable the students to think globally and act locally, empowering them with 21st century skills and mindsets. Being an international school we believe in achieving United Nations’s Mellenium Development Goals. At the same time we believe in empowering our students with the ethos as imbibed in the Constitution of India.

 Building I CAN mindset
We wish to imbibe a culture where the students have an I CAN mindset and not an I CAN NOT mindset, we wish to create a generation of young leaders and changemakers. We want every pupil to become a protagonist of their own story.

 Bachpan Ecosystem
Bachpan or childhood is not only the most valuable and cherished period of one’s life but is also the most vulnerable period of human development. We wish to create a mental, social, emotional and physical ecosystem where the child feels safe, secure and comfortable, An environment where they can soar high and not fall flat, an environment where learning comes readily at every step, without any fear and burden.

 Active and Constructive Learning
At Gaurav International, learning is an active process where the learner plays an active role in achieving the learning outcomes with the modalities of experimentation, art integration, observation, enquiry and questioning, dialogue and debate, reflection and mindful listening and the faculty becomes a mere facilitator in this learning extravaganza.

Technology is the catalyst of this century, Therefore, Technology and Education go hand in hand to develop a cadre of tech savvy citizens who know the right use of this blessing in disguise. We amalgamate ICT, AI and other Tech based teaching aid in the process of learning.