For the holistic development of a child’s personality. The school has set up various Centres for its students which are as follows:

Embracing the joy of reading

On 9th September '23 , Saturday the members of Literary Centre of Gaurav Memorial International School organized a book fair 'BOOK FLIX' in the school premises , which gave the reading enthusiasts and other students a wonderful experience where they had a great atmosphere to discover new things and thoughts , discuss and feel the delight of reading . The fair was an excellent chance for students and parents to get to know and learn about the writing profession and get inspired to read and write .

The members of the Centre carried the whole event smoothly which included a skit performance where the students aimed to spread awareness about the benefits of reading and speech. The bookfair had a diverse collection of books under several categories that included :-

1. Strong ,accurate poetry books that had a well-placed and interesting word selection.

2. Astute, coming-of-age and diverse collection of fiction books.

3. Historical, literal, factual documentaries and non-fictional books .

4. Amusing, captivating and engrossing mystery books.

5. A series of dazzling, goofy and engaging literature books for children.

6. An elusive collection of intriguing and imaginative academic books.

The whole fair proved to be an appreciative initiative of the Literary Center for a better cause . The involvement of students was great . This will help the future generation understand the importance of reading in their lives . The event was enjoyed by everyone.
Over a dozen Centres stimulate the creative spirit of our students and cultivate the enquiring mind in them side by side fostering team work, sharing, mutual respect and above all they provide space to relax and enjoy. Besides these, for our pre- primary section we organize various learning oriented Centres, where the child plays and learns together.