Activities & Events

Exhibition - In modern times exhibitions form an important feature in school education. They are in fact important medium of education. Through exhibition children get direct knowledge as it gives them a chance for doing things with their own hands.
So our students participate in school exhibition where they prepare models of various subjects which develop understanding towards the subject.

Summer Camp -At GMIS, Summer Camp is held every session before summer vacation. In this various learning activities are held with which students groom themselves and enhance their personality.

Annual Function -the aim of our school is to ensure an all-round development of the students. We not only impart the education but also try to discover the latent talents of our students.
Annual function is also a means to remove the stage fear and make the students confident. In our school the annual day is a big and impressive affair in which almost all the students participate in one or the other event according to their interests and capabilities. Participation in such functions make the students confident to develop their talents and interests. On annual day generally cultural program, athletic meet, science & art and craft exhibition are organized in rotation.

Sports Meet -The school also organizes various inter School and inter house meets to help students to interact with one another. Various schools of the city are invited to participate in games, sports, cultural programs and quizzes to inculcate competitive spirit in the students.