Chairman's Message

My heart fills with pride and pleasure as I perceive the progress being made at G.M.I.S. The seeds of an idea sown in 2003, has quickly come to realization of our aim of making the school grow into a strong tree. It is the endeavor of the KANPUR EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY to make the academic life, a smooth journey full of joy and discovery for our students.

I extend my warm wishes to the Principal, Staff and Students of GAURAV MEMORIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL to continue this journey on the road to excellence. May the sapling grow into a sturdy tree and spread its branches!

I dreamt to set up a school in which students could get modern education blended with traditions and culture so that our long cherished cultured heritage may not be extinct. It is my firm faith that our youth is the future of our country and progress of the country is related with the status of the youth.

Here in the school the students are given not only academic knowledge but also the roots of our youth are watered and enlightened with cultural and moral values so that they are transformed into good human beings with exuberant qualities acceptable in the society. They must feel proud in considering themselves the part of G.M.I.S. and as they pass-out from here the edifice of their career must stand on strong foundation.

The gist of my life is "LOVE" and "FEAR" of GOD

If a person has these two key words in his mind and heart, he will never be a failure in his life. I believe in the spirit of hard work and endeavor to create a lifelong learning spirit in our students by encouraging their commitment to excellence. My aim is to give them quality in education so I will leave no stone unturned to make this institution quite progressive and smart which in turn will be capable of creating world class citizens.

Mr. R.P.S. Katiyar