Managing Director's Message

An institution has a life of its own. With age comes wisdom, strength, courage, and resilience. I see our school to have aged in the same fashion with over two decades of excellence.

The school is a product of a history of service to society. As we celebrate 75 years of our country's independence it is also to note how our institution has helped in nation building. Our founder, Mr RPS Katiyar was the pioneer in setting the first industrial town in Uttrakhand, today, his apt vision is able to now give livelihood to more than thousand families. His philanthropic endeavours help feed more than 8 villages, along with a charity run school for down trodden. His contribution to the socioeconomic development of the society is unquantifiable. In this context, the school year after year has been contributing to society while our students year after year prove it by making it to the top positions nationally and internationally.

Teachers proceeded to become the top subject experts of the board itself. Exemplary performance in curricular and co-curricular fields and all-rounder school toppers. This shows how we praxis the vision of education that is culminated with thorough research, dedicated ethics and an overarching goal of nation building. I have spent my life teaching, educating and researching in the field of education with governmental and non- governmental bodies, every day as I interact with our alums, students, parents and teachers, I am assured that change is possible and change starts within the classroom, as the spark of curiosity, innovation, knowledge is kindled in the mind of students, who then become the torch bearers of change for a better society.

The school magazine, 'Gaurav' is one such exemplar of our zillion believes and endeavours for the inter-subjective imagination of a better tomorrow. I congratulate the editorial board to have worked day in and day out to have brought this to fruition.

Mrs. Arti Katiyar
President - Kanpur Education Development Society
Managing Director